Buffet Dinners

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Buffet Dinners

Buffet dinners include bread and butter, a mixed green salad with dressing & coffee service

One Entree

Two Entrees $17.95
Three Entrees $19.95

Entree Choices

Roast Beef with Gravy

Baked Chicken with Gravy Roast Turkey with Gravy Roast Pork Loin with Gravy Baked Ham

Italian Sausage with Green Peppers
Beef Stroganoff
Mostaccoli with Meat Balls
Polish Sausage and Sauerkraut
Baked Cod with Lemon and Herbs
Prime Rib or Steamship Round (Carved) Market (Minimum 40 people – $25.00 Carver Charge)

Salad Choices

Choose One

American Potato Salad

German Potato Salad
Three Bean Salad
Cole Slaw
Tomato, Cucumber and Onion Vinaigrette Fruit Salad

Vegetable Choices

Choose One


Green Beans
House Blend (Zucchini, Yellow Squash and Carrots)


Choose One

Mashed Potatoes

Baked Potatoes
Garlic Roasted Potatoes
Rice (with vegetables or spanish style) Traditional Sage Dressing
Sweet Potatoes
Herb and Butter Fettuccini

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